David Moldovan graduates

Some great news in the Moldovan Family: David graduated on June 18th from The Art Institute of California, Orange County with a BS in Culinary Management! Congratulations, David!

Allison and Greg will miss this year’s family weekend, but want everyone to know that they will be thinking of them.

Only a few days to go!

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3 Responses to David Moldovan graduates

  1. Christine says:

    From Angela: Congratulations to David, Allison and Greg!

  2. Christine says:

    From Dr. Bill: Congratulations, David! We will miss all of the extended Bob Buckley family this year. Of course, we are looking forward to seeing Arden,Bob, and Dan; and everyone else who is coming.
    Dr. Bill

  3. Christine says:

    From Phred: Oh yea, Allison & I are proud parents in addition to the nice pay raise we received by not having ANY MORE tuition payments! Phred

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