Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene did serious damage to regions of the Catskills, with major flooding in the areas around West Shokan. Maureen and Will ventured up to the house this past weekend, and here are some photos from their trip. Several trees came down near the house — one nearly toppling on the shed! — but by a stroke of luck there was no damage to the buildings.

As a family friend who saw Maureen’s photos on Facebook said: “Nothing can touch the Shokan house. Too much positive energy holding up the rafters.”

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2 Responses to Hurricane Irene

  1. Christine says:

    From Dr. Bill: …and the flag was still there!

  2. Christine says:

    From Maureen: Bill, I was saying that the whole time I was there. The one I was referring to was a small flag on a stick on the potted plants on the rail of the deck. The pots were still in place with the flag stuck in one!

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