Goodbye to a loved friend

This note is from Mike Cassidy. We will all miss you, Jake. 


Sleeping on the rocks at the creek at Shokan.

After a long, happy & healthy life, Jake passed away on January 5.  

His body may be gone from this house, but the memories with him will stay with us forever. 

Jake was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma in October that was located around his jowls and nose area, localized at the time.  On December 22nd it was confirmed the cancer spread throughout his lymphatic system.  Along with the cancer, he was developing a progressing lack of mobility in his rear legs for some time – Jake’s quality of life had suffered greatly in the last week or so.  He had been a part of our family since December 30th, 2000.

Jake celebrated his 12th birthday on November 6th.  We were so very lucky to get him from the breeder on December 30th, 2000.  We were calling breeders trying to find a Golden Retriever. We received a call back that morning from Sanmann Kennels saying they “just had a Golden puppy that was returned because the little girl he was gifted to on Christmas day was allergic to his hair”.  We were soon in the car, trekking through the snow, to check out this puppy. We sat in the parking lot outside the kennel, both agreeing that “we’re here to SEE the puppy … not to definitely get one”.  As the little blonde fur ball was placed into Shannon’s lap, he immediately fell asleep – we were hooked and Jake became part of our family that very second … “our first child.”  

Jake got his name from our favorite BBQ joint in Boston where we lived in the late 90s (Boston’s “Jake’s Boss”).  A lot has taken place in our lives in the last 12 years spent with Jake – Ryan was born in Feb, 2002 (figured we could raise a dog, lets try a kid); Grace came along in June 2003 (Jake welcomed her the same way he did Ryan, laying his soft mouth on her tiny lap in her car seat the moment we walked in the door). Starting & growing a business, changing careers, trips to friends & family’s houses, trips to Boston & Rhode Island, trips to the mountains (the creek at Shokan was the best – Jake pictured SLEEPING ON THE ROCKS above!), many years at Buckley Family Weekend (digging holes up to his shoulders looking for more rocks), trips to the beach (Water Island & Fenwick Island were awesome!), local trips, walks at fetching rocks at “the farm” (Stroud preserve – one of our favorites), walks at Shaw’s Bridge aka “the dog walk” (Jake would spend more time swimming and diving for rocks than walking – YES DIVING for rocks – people would stand in amazement watching this dog literally dive for rocks – hours of enjoyment), walks everywhere, car rides (ANYWHERE as long as Jake in the car – heck he’d be in car even if it wasn’t going anywhere … using his ‘puppy-dog eyes’ to entice you into a ride somewhere – anywhere).  Many more great times for sure … 


Jake (2 yrs) with Molly McMahon (~3 yrs) – both ALWAYS SMILING

Whether you ‘liked’ Jake or REALLY loved him, he certainly loved you – like many dogs, he loved everyone!  We’d often laugh how he would will his love on non-dog-people with his continually wagging body and whimpering happy cries until he got the attention & love he was looking for.  I often would sit and watch him, wishing Jake could somehow have talked … man, the stories he could tell! 

I knew this day would come and thought I was more than prepared – I could not have been more wrong.  Like most dogs, they become part of the family – Jake was certainly a member of our family; it was so tough letting him go – we’ll miss him dearly. 

I found this quote recently on the internet – it spoke volumes to me months ago, even more so now … 

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Anonymous

Jake – you were beyond faithful and true to the very last beat of your heart. We are all very sad but so thankful for what you have provided us as a family.  You have served your purpose on this Earth – completely. 

Jake – I hope I was worthy of your continued devotion.  Rest easy my dear friend. 

Mike Cassidy

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  1. Well said Mike. He will be missed.

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