Congratulations, Dr. Sean!

We’re very proud of the newest doctor in the family!  From Susan Wallace:

As you might recall, Sean is in his last year of medical school this year.  He graduates from The Commonwealth Medical College on May 10th, and will be honored for being inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society.
He spent most of the winter months traveling to 20+ hospitals in the greater Northeastern US for tours and interviews, and then finally, last week was “Match Day”.  Match Day is the one day where all 4th year medical students in the entire nation find out where they will be completing their residency after graduation – it’s a huge celebration, and oftentimes it’s considered a bigger deal than the actual commencement ceremony! 
All that being said, we’re excited to announce that Sean was accepted to complete his 5-year residency in General Surgery at the Lehigh Valley Healthcare Network in Allentown, PA! 
We are very excited to start this new chapter as we pack up and make our way to Allentown this summer!

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One Response to Congratulations, Dr. Sean!

  1. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Sean MD ! We are so excited for you.

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