A Kingsbury update!

More great news this month from the Kingsburys! Here’s an update from Jennifer:

Andrew and I bought a house in Fredericksburg over the summer, and Andrew was promoted to Major. Shortly before his promotion, he started his new orders flying with the Marine 1 helicopter squadron (HMX-1). He hasn’t flown the president, yet, but we’ll definitely be snapping a few pictures when that happens!

Lastly, we found out we’re expecting another little one in mid-May 2016. Never a dull moment here! Even with the new baby plans, we’re hoping to make it to family weekend next year and are looking forward to seeing everyone!


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Welcome to the world, August!

Great news from David and Erika!

August (Augie) Buckley Moldovan arrived on Tuesday, Nov. 3, weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. Emery is very happy to be a big brother. All are doing well!

Congratulations to all the Moldovans on the new addition to their family!

August Buckley Moldovan

August Buckley Moldovan

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Congratulations to Samantha and Billy!

Samantha has double good news to share with the family!

She and Billy married on Saturday, August 8th in their hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia. The ceremony took place in the Chapel of Saint Brigid Catholic Church. They are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of sweet baby Eissler, who is expected to arrive November 21st!

Congratulations to the Eisslers and best wishes for a healthy and happy baby arrival!View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy

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Happy 92nd, James E. Buckley!

This past weekend, Dad/Grandpa/Uncle Jim celebrated his 92nd birthday with his beloved family and friends! We love you so much, Grandpa!

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Welcome to Sorin Maxwell Moldovan!

Jason and Anna had a baby boy on Jason’s birthday, April 25! Sorin Maxwell Moldovan was 6 lbs 9 oz. All are happy and healthy! Congratulations Jason and Anna!image

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Sharon celebrates 10 years with Make-a-Wish!

Sharon Hodne just celebrated her 10-year anniversary with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hudson Valley, NY! In the last decade, she has granted more than 380 wishes!

See the lovely tribute to Sharon here, and watch the video of her accepting her gift below!

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Buckley Photo Contest: Featuring Gladys Mullin!

Last week was Gladys Mullin’s birthday. Ray shared this wonderful photo of her, himself, Ray Jr. and Fran, and these heartfelt memories.

“Certainly, Gladys was much, much more than ‘my Godmother’ to me. I always enjoyed our cheery conversations and marveled at her memory of names and facts. When speaking to her, even as recently as last July, I would test her and ask her to guess the ages of my grandkids as she would bring them up [in chronological order] for discussion. As you might imagine, she was on target or very close with every one of them. I often wondered did she have a “cheat-sheet” next to her to assist in her responses. But, NO must be the answer, because she would NOT do that…and would probably have a hard time reading it!” – Ray Buckley III

With the blessing of the Mullin family, this year’s Buckley Family Photo Contest will feature photos of the incomparable Gladys Mullin! So, start digging through those family albums!

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